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A city of entrepreneurs, Porto is Portugal’s second largest city and one of the country’s leading economic and industrial centre.

Strongly linked to trade and love of freedom – so much so, that it is called Cidade Invicta (Undefeated City), Porto is known for the charms of its historic centre (UNESCO World Heritage since 1996) but also by its dynamism – the 21st-century Porto is a modern and vibrant city that never stops. Its green spaces and sports grounds, its comprehensive public transport system and its busy culture and nightlife makes it a fun and exciting city, 24 hours a day.

Over the last few years, Porto has also become a reference for visitors from all over the world.
A real go-to place, Porto was two times elected as ”Best European Destination” by European Consumers Choice, and was considered by The Guardian, in 2015, as one of the 40 hot destinations”. And when it comes to fashion and design, Porto even beats Paris, according to Bloomberg, which has recently declared the city as the Europe’s Hot New Shopping Capital.

Porto is an endless cultural experience. There is literally a new experience down every cobblestone street. People from Porto make foreigners instantly feel at home.


alana baker
the magellan mba 2014-2015
project manager / business development at sonae sr

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the magellan mba

Your life
changing journey
starts here.

The Magellan MBA Experience

The Magellan MBA is a tailored journey since day one, perfectly paced to provide you with the best amount of hard and soft skills, enlightenment and experiences which will enable you to expand the borders of your career, worldwide.

A one-year, intensive, international MBA programme, jointly accredited by AMBA – Association of MBAs and EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development (EPAS) in one of the best European Business Schools – Porto Business School.

A programme which is the result of more than 25 years of experience, that benefits from the power of small classes, allowing personal attention guidance and training, boosted by the fact that many instructors have doctoral degrees from top universities in Europe and United States or are executives.

Since 2016, The Magellan MBA is running with 2 classes per year, in Portugal (Porto Business School) and in Germany (GISMA Business School). Students from both editions have access to exchange opportunities.

My growth and development journey as a person and as a professional, from a biologist working in the Portuguese Brewing industry to a management consultant with an international role, was significantly influenced by the Magellan MBA.
The mix of soft and hard skill development combined with an action oriented and practical curriculum, gave me the courage and confidence to embark in new challenges. Really one of those experiences were you get in proportion to what you give.


Filipe Nogueira
the magellan mba 2009-2010
engagement manager at mckinsey &company (los angeles)

Video Magellan MBA Experience

Having always lived in larger cities it took a little time warming up to Porto (given that it is a much smaller city than what I was used to). But this stunning little city/student town has its way of growing on you.
They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Study we did, but we made the most of our what Porto had to offer by partying and traveling on every opportunity we got. We spent our weekends partying in the streets of Porto and enjoyed the architecture, heritage, gastronomy and wine the city has to offer! Porto, being a hub for Ryanair, always had great deals on offer that fueled many affordable and fun weekend getaways!
Porto has given me memories of a lifetime and become home away from home.


Mikhil Shah
the magellan mba 2010-2011
entrepreneur / co-founder of “gourmet meister”

how the programme is organized
foundation period
providing a common
knowledge framework
first term
essential core
courses & soft sklls
second term
intensive training
in complementary
core courses
third term
deepening your experience
elective courses
& international week
integrative term
putting all together
beyond the classroom

Like an all-star crew of a big ship, you will feel part of a true team during and after this one-year voyage. And that is the kind of feeling that leaves a mark.

To complete the Magellan MBA experience, the school promotes extra-curricular activities, with a casual approach to corporate and academy but also to the city.

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students profile
class of 2016
José Valente Award
André Castro
Dean's List
Arun Thomas
Fábio Chaves
Filipe Vilar
Dean's List
Francisco Cudell
Henrique Gonçalves
Hussam Shihabi
Joana Vila Alves
João Lima
João Rocha
Kevin Farrick
Dean's List
Luís Ferreira
Luís Neto
Dean's List
Margarida Monsanto
Dean's List
Mariana Gomes
Max Maguire
Orsolya Szlovenszky
Pedro Correia
Pedro Villas-Boas
Radwan Khalife
Raquel Figueiredo
Dean's List
Ricardo Sousa
Dean's List
Rui Rosas
Said Arabi
Sílvia Duarte
Tiago Gomes
Dean's List
Tiago Lima
Dean's List
José Valente Award - The José Valente Award MBA Award distinguishes the student that during the MBA programme was able to demonstrate in a clearly distinctive way among colleagues some of the major characteristics and values that the Programme seeks to encourage: the combination of academic excellence with, in particular, a deep sense of ethics, solidarity and generosity with fellow colleagues, team-working ability and social responsibility.
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Be at the helm
of your career.

When you have access to a full network of contacts and worldwide business opportunities, it becomes much more simple and clear what you can actually do with all your talent and skills.

Throughout the programme our Career Services provide you with a personalized development plan and a set of tools and opportunities to help you develop your skills and be prepared for the market.

The partnership with Gisma Business School allows you to benefit from access to German companies for projects and placement opportunities, as well as access to broader network worldwide.

Whether your goal is to accelerate your career or perform a career shift, take the Career Services path.

+ 60h
personalised training and career coaching during the programme, per student
employed within 6 months
of graduation
class made a Career Shift after the MBA (2014/2015 class)
reasons to choose
porto business school

Why Porto
Business School?

At Porto Business School,
our motto is To Change Lives.
Yours could be next.

Video Reasons to go to Porto Business School
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With a consistent presence in the Financial Times rankings since 2011, Porto Business School is one of the best European Business Schools (#62, in 2015) and one of the top 30 business schools when it comes to Custom and Open Executive Education.

An award winning school, in the latest years Porto Business School has achieved several international recognitions:

— AMBA’s Entrepreneurship Award (2012, 2014)
— AMBA’s MBA Student of the year (2014)
— John Molson MBA Case Competition (2015, 2011)
— Idea2Product Competition / Univ. Texas – Austin (2010)

Porto Business School is the result of an active partnership between the University of Porto and 36 companies, national and international – which allows the school to balance between the quality and rigour of the academy and the real corporate world, working as a true lab to explore how to best apply top notch management concepts to the real business world.

The University of Porto

Founded in 1911, the University of Porto (U.Porto) is one of the top 200 European Universities according to the most relevant international ranking systems.

The U.Porto has the richest academic community in Portugal and brings together the country’s highest ranked students, a highly qualified scientific and teaching staff and a growing number of international students, teachers and researchers.

One of the most international of Portugal’s universities, U.Porto has a fully equipped campus embedded within the city which guarantees an optimal academic, scientific, and also social and cultural experience.

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